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Week 0 – Thank you McNabb.

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

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So this being my first post let me start by saying “thanks for swinging by!” I created this blog just to post my thoughts on the Eagles. I’m not a reporter or affiliated with the Philadelphia Eagles. I live on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Part of the reasoning behind this site was the thought that perhaps there is a better venue for intelligent discussion regarding the eagles. I know – intelligence is subjective. So if you’re like me, you might appreciate a more thoughtful input of how the Eagles are – from a fan’s perspective, someone who’s tired of reading non-news news across the internet. Well actually, that puts me in the non-news news category. But here goes.

The 2010-11 season is upon us in a few days and I can’t help but think back to the moment when Donovan McNabb was drafted. I am not referring to the boos. In fact I’m still not even sure what the big deal was back then when he was booed. The general media seems to always bring that up as an important moment – yes it was. McNabb was drafted. That’s why it was important. To fans from back then who experienced the Buddy Ryan days, the Bobby Hoying days, the Rodney Peete days, will understand what I’m about to say. When McNabb was drafted it was the first QB the Eagles selected in the first round for ages. I was glad someone that good was a part of the Eagles.

Even then I didn’t really care about having to draft a RB. Eagles needed a QB. Sadly my first ever Eagles game I attended was at The Vet when the Seattle Seahawks came to town and laid a massive whupping on the Bobby Hoying led Eagles 38-0. I stayed till the end. I think that was 1998. RB Ricky Watters, the big 49ers free agent acquisition brought some power to the running game – sort of.  Eagles needed a QB and Andy Reid obliged – thankfully.

I lived in Boston then. I was the guy everyone made fun of in the pubs because the Eagles were so terribly awful. This was when the Patriots weren’t all too glamorous themselves! Well they did have Bill Parcells – so perhaps a little glamorous. So my first post is to say, let McNabb be. He was the best thing that ever happened to the Philadelphia Eagles then and brought the organization’s on field play caliber up significantly. Coaching staff aside, I will always remember McNabb as the man that brought football respectability back to Philadelphia. He gave me the honor of watching my first Eagles Superbowl. I honestly did not think that would ever happen in my lifetime.

Now which real Eagles fan didn’t secretly weep when you saw the Eagles stroll on the Superbowl field with T.O. in tow?

I wish the best to you Donovan McNabb. Thank you for the years in Philly. You may not have been a perfect QB – but who cares! I will watch you in DC from time to time. Kick butt please. Out of revenge I’ll accept you beating the Eagles this year. Once. At The Linc even. But I hope the Redskins stink up the joint overall. I am after all an Eagles fan first.

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